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Getting It Right The First Time

A lawsuit is no small matter. Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, you want to know that you are represented by experienced, prepared and personally invested counsel. At the Navarre firm of Thieman-Greene & Bell we understand this. We offer personalized, professional legal services that are individualized to your exact needs.

The Advantage Of Preparedness

Legal knowledge is just one of the traits of an effective lawyer. Another is ability. An effective lawyer must be prepared for all contingencies and able to handle them. This ability comes from experience—experience in the world, in negotiations, in business and in the courtroom. As a Florida attorney with almost two decades of this experience, I call upon this broad understanding in every case. There is one absolute in law, one thing that there is no substitute for — and that is preparedness.

As the principal of Thieman-Greene & Bell, it is my job and mission to make sure that every client is fully represented and every case is thoroughly prepared.

Condo Associations And Owners

We represent both condominium/homeowner associations and individual owners. Contact us if you have an issue with unauthorized construction, rental and use disputes, vacation rental issues or other disputes.

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Details Matter

As an attorney with extensive litigation experience, I, attorney Shari Thieman Greene, understand what it takes to prepare a sound case. With nearly two decades of courtroom experience I will take a case to whichever level it needs to go. I understand the risks of litigation and know when it is in my client’s best interest to avoid a courtroom and when we have to seek justice in court.

Clear And Frequent Communication

Knowing and understanding your options and the ramifications of each option is vital to making the best decisions, in both the short and long term. This also means that I will honestly inform you if I can help you and how and whether or not your case merits pursuing. While your case is in progress you will receive frequent updates and communications.

Sooner Rather Than Later

It’s quite common for people to wait until there is a problem to contact an attorney. But the truth is, more times than not getting a lawyer involved at the beginning can prevent or minimize contract and legal issues later. This is true in business law, association work, construction issues and other cases. An attorney can usually negotiate on your behalf to maximize your results and minimize your liability at any stage of the game. Of course, the sooner you protect yourself and your business the better. Contact the firm of Thieman-Greene & Bell today or call 850-466-1006 to speak with an attorney today. If you are in the military ask about our military rates.